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Support Our Pixelmon Server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mayoz, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. If you'd like to support the server grow, then please take a moment to do a couple things for us:
    Doing this will bring more publicity to our posts, and helping us gain new players.
  2. I just completed what you have told me to do sir. Now to wait for the people to roll on in xD.
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  3. Thank you my friend!
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  4. shut the fuck up mayoz no ones likes you leave the community
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  5. Yeah that kid gets mad all the time its amazing to watch. He just hates mayoz.
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  6. its funny how he thought i was serious
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  7. he is being a silly goose all over again xD
  8. IF theres like a voting for reward system up in the server , people will vote for it without you asking , just add a few more voting sites then voter gets like a few pokeballs , food etc per vote.

    You get the votes and we get the items.
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  9. should be in soon we've been deciding balance
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  10. This is definitely on our todo list.
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  11. Well people should vote withouts rewards like i did do it everyday. But i can see why people want rewards for it. <3

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