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Subscriber Packages September

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zachthepwn, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Welcome to the first month of the subscriber packages! Thanks to everyone who has donated, subscriber or not. It helps us a ton with server costs. Anyways, on to the stuff you guys are waiting for!

    Monthly Shiny [Basic+]

    For our first monthly shiny, we have Zoroark. A rare pokemon as a first month thank you to you subscribers. He will probably never return so make sure to grab him if you are interested while you can!
    Monthly Legendary [Basic+]

    For our first monthly legendary, we wanted to have a throwback to the first legendary shown in the Pokemon anime, Ho-Oh.
    Monthly Shiny Legendary [Advanced+]
    The shiny monthly legendary is Suicune. A great special attacker, and a perfect addition to your team.
    Monthly Shiny Legendary [Ultra]
    Now the one you Ultra subscribers have been waiting for, the shiny legendary that only you will have access to this month. To start it off with a bang, we have Groudon. A great physical attacker covering multiple angles.

    Now for our monthly kits.

    Monthly Kit 1 - All Terrain Human [Advanced+]
    This kit includes armor sets to surpass all kinds of terrains. It has a 3 day cooldown and will be able to be used all month. Sets include, fire stone armor for lava traversing, water stone armor for deep water dives, Dawn stone armor for mountain adventures, and finally leaf stone armor for high jumps you need to survive.

    Monthly Kit 2 - The Mad Scientist [Ultra]
    This kit includes 3 cloning machines, 9 Diamond blocks, a fossil cleaner, and a fossil machine. Use your diamond blocks to clone mews to mewtwos, and explore the depths of the ocean for fossils to unlock the secrets of pre-historic Pokemon.

    Thanks again to all our subscribers, hope you have enjoyed this first months drops. Next month is not far away, so get ready!
  2. Cool i guess :D

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