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New Profile Posts

  1. lucas yidinak
  2. YouthInRevolt
  3. xHopefully
  4. Freddypwner666
    Freddypwner666 Mayoz
  5. Sethsnake
    Playing Pixelmon, Missing Commander Rank in Clone Wars
    1. Duck
      Well there's always CT commander......
      Sep 19, 2016
  6. Freddypwner666
    Freddypwner666 Mayoz
    MAYOZ stop being afk! I want my sub legends pls pLEASE I like the legends this month and can you PLEEEEASE get them to me i am on right now so please stop being afk! time 4:19
  7. Freddypwner666
    Freddypwner666 zachthepwn
  8. Freddypwner666
    Freddypwner666 zachthepwn
    ZACH THIS URGENT! I want to know how I get the monthly legends and shiny legends from the sub kits? Can you please tell me?! LOG on ASAP
    1. zachthepwn
      You get them by contacting an Admin. There is no rush. I you have purchased it I will sort you out soon.
      Sep 15, 2016
    2. Freddypwner666
      Thanks zach and I have bought it
      I love helpful admins. especially the ones on titanMC they are really helpful!
      Sep 16, 2016
  9. ThePingWon
    Trying to start using the forums more often
  10. john jeffers
    john jeffers
    Anyway just saying I'm a commander in MFG guys go add [MFG] Holy Paladin On steam it will be fun and not a shit fest ...
  11. john jeffers
    john jeffers
    If anyone needs a NON CANCER Garry's mod star wars clone wars RP MFG is the place to be the server is going up in November (hopefully) or
  12. john jeffers
    john jeffers
    Seeing as how the Bann system is STILL SHIT I see that nothing has really change at all from a certain perspective... Good luck to you all.
  13. john jeffers
    john jeffers
    Wow snooping down to minecraft from a good basic cancer fest on Garry's mod.... Who's idea was this.... It's pretty smart actually.... But..
  14. Frozen
    hey I finally made an account after like a month on imperial rp
  15. Frozen
  16. PapiScrumph
    Ayy my dudes. Check out my profile for funsies.
  17. HookieCookieYT
    Im a Savage, Fuck with my gang and you get shot. BANG BANG!
  18. ๖ۣۜConquest
    ๖ۣۜConquest Mayoz
    can you tell me what happened to the imperial RP i really enjoyed it
  19. Valentine
  20. Mayoz
    hey boys join pixelmon