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We plan to move all servers, except Teamspeak to a new machine in the next couple weeks. Some of the reasons/benefits are:
  • Privately-owned hardware
  • Built for game server performance (less Pixelmon lag!!!)
  • Less expensive
  • More flexibility
The city where the servers will be hosted will also change. We have made a deal with a datacenter in Ashburn, Virginia (former home of AOL). This may make your connection less or more laggy depending on where you live. This is also a demographic targeting change. We were targeting players in central US and Canada by hosting in Chicago. Our new focus is now on the north east and southern regions of the US. This purely a statistical change. (if you get bored by statistics easily, then skip this bit) We define target regions as areas that can connect to the server with equal to or less than 50ms latency. According to the US Census Bureau (census.gov), the North Eastern and Southern regions have a combined population of 177,466,738 people, versus the combined populations of the US Midwest, Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba of 91,256,503 people.

This will not be a seamless transition. You should expect quite a bit of downtime and/or rollbacks during this period. I will post updates about when the transition period will begin.

If you are interested in hardware, we will be using this hardware:
  • Intel i7-6700k (OC 4.5GHz?)
  • 64 GB DDR4 2133 MHz
  • 2x WD Re 1TB in RAID 1
  • Samsung 950 Pro PCIe NVMe SSD 256 GB
  • NIC 2x 1-Gigabit LAN (Only 1 will be connected on a 100 Mbps connection)
Do you have the strength to beat Team Rocket? There are 4 new trainers in /warp research. If you post screenshots of beating 3 of them, you will be given a Mew to capture. If you post pictures of all 4, you will be given a Mewtwo. (And Mew if no one has done that yet) THIS OFFER IS ONLY VALID ONCE, AKA only one mew and only one mewtwo will be given out. Good luck!
Mew : Unavailable! (Trainers been beaten)
Mewtwo : Available!

Its called "Observe the legendarysatory!!!!!" haha! you can get,... regigigas... lockness monster... rayquazar... four leaf clovar.... pewdiepie...?![​IMG]
If you'd like to support the server grow, then please take a moment to do a couple things for us:
Doing this will bring more publicity to our posts, and helping us gain new players.
Tired of our shitty Gmod servers? Try out Pixelmon! Seriously, it's a lot cooler than Gmod. Oh, and way more fun. Btw if you don't know, Pixelmon is a Pokemon mod for Minecraft.

For installation, please visit this thread.

Server IP: poke.aurean.com